"It was a shot of Christmas whiskey that made us stop and think. ...and realize the sacrifice that we never had to make"                                                                             

                                                                                                         -From Christmas Whiskey

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Day one of the One Man Rollin' Circus tour is underway. I'll be hanging out on air with Stew Liebman at WNTI in Hackettstown New Jersey around the 8 o clock hour (Eastern). You'uns can check out the stream at www.wnti.org

Thus begins the journey of Rivers & Roads Pt.1. If you haven't pre ordered yours yet, or convinced all of your friends to ... get it right here at www.mudbonemusic.net 
I will ship the first round of pre orders next week!

The word of the day is 'anomalies'.....



The numbers are a lot higher than I anticipated and I am humbled by the overwhelming response. Thank you for your support. It goes a long way in helping me get up and down the road, but just knowing that you'uns have take a minute of your valuable time and spent your hard earned money on this project really puts some fuel in my soul tank.

If you haven't ordered yours yet, Its a really easy process. Just click on the www.mudbonemusic.net link, click on the pre-order button and follow the instructions. I'm technologically impaired and it only took me TWO MINUTES when i tested it.

Your account wont be charged until I ship your SIGNED & NUMBERED copy. I will ship on Halloween!!!!

New Website and New Release

Thank you’uns for checking out my new website. I’m very excited about the upcoming release of my debut album Rivers & Roads.

Part One Rivers will be available to the public on Nov 11. It is a collection of old world sounds and music being played on old world instruments. We didn’t plug anything in except the microphones that were used to record. It begins with The River Song which is an example of how both roots blues and roots bluegrass music all come from the same place…THE RIVER. From there Rivers takes you on a trip up the proverbial river through the sounds of the Mississippi River Delta and into the Bluegrass hills of Kentucky. The journey comes to an end with a trio of songs that define the gospel side of American Roots Music. In addition to the wonderful instrumentalists that performed on this album, Rivers features an incredible array of vocalists whose combined talent produces vocal harmonies that would make the masters proud.

Part Two Roads is a road trip on record. It is all of the sounds of American Roots Rock. Soul, Country, Funk, Rock & Roll, Blues and Southern Rock are all intertwined to create the great American road trip. Roads features a 10 piece band comprised of some of the finest musicians on the planet whom we will be highlighting upon release. Drums, Bass, Electric Guitars, B3 Hammond Organ, Pedal Steel and a 4 piece horn section evoke the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s with a collection of songs that will keep you moving on down the line.

Rivers is now available for Pre-Order for $15.00. Item will ship on or before Oct 31st. Each copy will be signed and numbered in appreciation of your support and payment will not be processed until it ships. US domestic orders include free shipping!

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