Mudbone tells the story of American music one song at a time. His performances reach a broad audience by taking them on a journey from the late 19th century when bluegrass met the blues, through the country, soul, funk, and rock & roll of the 20th century.

He was born near the Black River in Northeast Arkansas. That river is the dividing line between the Mississippi River Delta and the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. The eastern banks were a playground for the blues. It is the cradle of the blues, and home to some of the world’s finest bluesmen. The western banks were an education in old-time country, bluegrass and mountain music. Tiny isolated pockets, within the Ozark Mountain hollows, offered an array of different mountain sounds and stories.

He grew up the musical legacy of a gospel/bluegrass family who saw fit to be baptized in Muddy Waters. He spent his adolescence riding a greyhound bus, guitar in hand, through the gates of Memphis, Tennessee down highway 49 into the cradle of the blues playing honkytonks and juke joints all over the delta. Having immersed himself in not only the musicality of the blues, but in the history of it as well he sat out on a path of learning. His teachers were bluesmen who had been taught to play the blues by the men that had created it, such as Son House and B.B. King. Their stories were an education that can’t be bought.

Although he had immersed himself in his blues education, the sounds of the mountains never left his soul. Early in life, his family traveled all over the mid-south singing gospel music for tips, or “love offerings”, and occasionally opening for internationally touring gospel acts. His mother’s family did the same but rather than touring as a gospel quartet, they played Bill Monroe’s brand of bluegrass. His uncle would come to visit and bring his banjo. The sounds that erupted from it planted a seed that began to sprout once his blues roots were firmly established.

Combining his abilities as a guitarist with fiery vocals, Mudbone has developed a signature sound that appeals to a wide demographic while remaining uniquely his own. As a fifteen year veteran of the Nashville music scene he has the ability and the experience to successfully function as an independent artist. 

His debut release, Rivers & Roads Part 1 (Rivers) peaked at # 67 on the Americana (AMA) radio chart and raised awareness in the industry of his presence. 

His Rivers & Roads project is a concept album that bookends fifty years of American roots music evolution.  The first installment (Rivers) is akin to a riverboat trip in through the steamy southeastern United States in 1927. It begins as a "Field Holler" with The River Song and continues through the Mississippi Delta with Red Shoes On. It travels east through the hill country blues and winds through the Tennesee hills into the bluegrass of Kentucky with the jovial Misery Loves Company. It continues its trip winding through the Muddy Water Blues and comes to rest under the Shade of the Trees with two sentimental tributes to the early gospel influences on American music with Take your Time and Down to the River

Whereas Rivers was a riverboat trip in 1927, part two (Roads) Is a road trip down the Rock & Roll soulscapes of the mid 1970's. It features a Grammy Award winning cast of musicians with the legendary Johnny Neel (Allman Bros. Band, Govt. Mule, Disney's Ratatouille)  on the B3 Hammond organ and "Cowboy" Eddie Long (Muddy Waters, Hank Williams Jr., The Marshall Tucker Band, Jamey Johnson) on the pedal steel guitar. It begins its journey with Mudbone's blistering performance of Take The Highway. The fiery vocals and soul grinding guitar melodies of this Marshall Tucker Band classic immediately shift gears into the soul filled streets of the mid 70's funk inspired Rope where an angry congregation sends a dishonest preacher to his early demise.  Gears shift again into the Bob Seger/Jackson Browne inspired Rock & Roll road trip that is Good Thing Bad as Mudbone addresses the delecate of joys and hardships of life as a highway traveling songslinger. The pedal hits the floor and the trip picks up speed with his take on Van Morrison's I've Been Workin' and his own Not The One. The highway hits the halls of rock with the pounding pulse of These Days in which the frustration of the day to day grind of urban life seeks a more remote escape.  The cover of his own delta blues inspired Red Shoes On from part one reflects the influence that early blues music had on the pioneers of rock. The journey eases into a distant forever as the soulful Wintertime Blues reminisces on the struggles of his early days in Nashville being a blues player in country music town.

Mudbone's musical armory doesn’t only consist of wood, strings, & vocal chords. His mission is to create positive social change through music. He exemplifies that the word “artist” encompasses responsibility rather than entitlement. Armed with a clear cut sense of responsibility to the idea that music can be used to better the collective human condition, He has set out on a musical journey to do just that…one song at a time… 

                                                                                            - Thom Bean

“As an artist my goal is to remind everyone that we’re all here to elevate each other. For as long as humans have been on this earth, MUSIC, has been the common thread that has bound us all together..."





“Mudbone’s music is flat out powerful. He’ll reach into your soul, conjure your demons, and then release them for you."           

                          -Outlaw Magazine -Mar 2016 (Rivers)


“Mudbone is both a student and a teacher of roots music with the ability to actively engage the listener across multiple formats and genres. 

                           -CJ Cumberland WHCQ FM’ Louisville KY



“Brilliant!!! This is Grammy Award winning material...”                                                                                                 -Outlaw Magazine Oct 2017  (Roads)



"The last time I heard a song like that come out of somebody you're age, was when I was your age"

                             -Dean Dillon (...on Christmas Whiskey)



 "Trying to forget is what drives you crazy. Knowing you have to remember, and being ok with talking about it, is the first step to getting better. That is what this song will do for veterans."                   

                           -Kevin Rodewald   US Army Veteran  (Christmas Whiskey) 



   "I was in Iraq in 2008 on Christmas Day and got a handle of whiskey in the mail. It's amazing how special that was and how you captured that moment."

                          -K. Chapman Sgt  USMC     (Christmas Whiskey)



Rivers & Roads Part 1


• National Rivers and Roads Support Tour 2017

• AMA, AAA,  Radio Tour 2016-2017

• #67 (AMA) Feb 20 2017  

• In Studio Performances Available

• Part 2 ‘Roads’ (Release Jan 9 2018)  

• Forthcoming historically based fiction novel and documentary film on American music development from 1724 to 2000. 




Rivers & Roads Part 2

• Rivers & Roads Pt 2 National Release Jan 10, 2018

• Feat. Performances by Grammy Award winners Johnny Neel (Allman Bros. Band) and Cowboy Eddie Long (Hank Williams Jr/Jamey Johnson)

• Nort American Rivers & Roads support tour planned for 2018

• AMA & AAA Radio Tour 2017 & 2018

• In Studio Performances Available




Christmas Whiskey

  •  50% of all online proceeds will be donated to military foundations specializing in PTSD treatment  

  • Military supported tours for Armed Forces Radio, AFN, and USO planned through 2019                    

  •  Physical copies to be distributed to treatment centers for soldiers checking in/out of treatment  

  • Features musical performances from Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner Johnny Neel (Piano/Organ Allman Bros Band) and Grammy) Award winner ‘Cowboy’ Eddie Long (Pedal Steel/Hank Jr., Jamey Johnson)       

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